Blackpool Community Chat Podcast

We’re currently running a poll on our group to see how many of our members would be interested in a podcast type show based around the issues and news discussed in the group.

We’ve been running the BPL Bible for over 8 years and in that time have gained over 85,000 likes and grown our group Blackpool Community Chat to over 20,000 members.

We’ve built a large platform for local voices to be heard and we often lend that platform to local groups and good causes.

All we would like to do is expand that format into something that can keep people regularly updated in a modern manner that seems to be popular.

We would also be interested in taking video questions for our guests and would love to hear from people from Blackpool’s business community about their experiences.

We are currently planning a pilot episode and would love to hear from people about what they want to see and hear about on a local podcast.

Please inbox us with your suggestions on our dedicated Facebook page Blackpool Community Chat

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