Ma Kelly’s Showboat Announce Take That Tribute

Ma Kelly‚Äôs Showboat, Blackpool  are thrilled to present an unforgettable Sunday gig series starting on Bank Holiday Sunday 9th April 2023. Get ready to be blown away by ‘Rule the World’, the ultimate tribute band to Take That, who are celebrating their 15th year of touring! Widely recognized as the Number 1 Take That tribute […]

Blackpool Community Chat Podcast

We’re currently running a poll on our group to see how many of our members would be interested in a podcast type show based around the issues and news discussed in the group. We’ve been running the BPL Bible for over 8 years and in that time have gained over 85,000 likes and grown our […]

Congestion on Devonshire road following crash

Traffic around Knowle ave and the junction with Devonshire Road was impeded today as police and a recovery driver made safe a vehicle which had ended up on it’s roof. A section of brick wall in front of one of the houses had suffered some damage and a wheel was left nearby. A picture shared […]

Blackpool’s Burgerhain – latest info

If you’ve yet to try a burger or hotdog from Burgerhain (based at the waterloo music bar) – You’re in for a treat. This business started from the back of a van and has since taken on the kitchen’s at the Waterloo as it’s permanent base. They have recently partnered with Food hub for their […]

Helicopter search sparks debate

Around 10PM last night – residents of Blackpool took to social media to discuss what could be causing a helicopter to be persisting in the skies above the coast at Blackpool. Community member Steven King was at the scene and quickly identified for us that a search was being carried out along the coastline. It […]

Local Pumpkin Patch near Blackpool

One of our group members was today – looking for a local pumpkin patch near Blackpool. It’s not the first post we’ve approved like this in the group the past fortnight so here’s a list of some of the places that were suggested in the comments. If you’d like to add a comment to this […]

Community Help Pages

Today we have spent some time creating a suite of help pages for locals to call upon. Some are published / work in progress – some need a little more work. You might find the information helpful in certain situations or you may fin that you have a better solution that you could share with […]

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