META – social media outage – Updates

Update 1

Facebook is back – everything appears to be back to normal.

What to do if this ever happens again.

Create a new contact in your phone book for Blackpool Community Chat

Save our website URL as a contact

You can also signup to this website so you get updates to your email address

And if you email our email address – we will send you instructions on how to join our what’s app group for Blackpool community chat.

You can also register for an account on our website for free click here for more info

Original Article

Facebook is currently having issues. According to website DownDetector thousands of user generated reports started flooding in from around the globe at just after 3:15 today.

Meta’s other service including business suite, messenger and instagram also appear to be offline with users struggling to log in. It’s thought that this will also have a cascade effect for any linked accounts for third party websites using the Facebook API for login and signup.

Instagram on Desktop is logging in but not loading any content.

As far as what’s app goes – we’ve managed to send out a message and have had a reply by voice call back.

How can I stay connected

Get in touch – You can email us at

if you want to suggest an idea for a post on our website or if you would like to join our what’s app group.

X (fka Twitter) We still have life on the old twitter platform – you can follow our team @the_bpl_bible
We are having some issues with the bpl bible’s website at the moment so we’re going to publish on here unless facebook comes back.

You can sign up to our website and navigate through our online forums if facebook doesn’t come back again.

We always knew we would need a backup plan.

Mainstream News

Mainstream news outlets are now reporting on this story with the mail and the times both reporting that facebook and insta are out globally with users citing issues logging in.

Sites such as Sky News and BBC have now followed suit.

There are still no updates on X from meta or Facebook

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