Invitations to Advertise on Blackpool Community Chat.

As a group we support and encourage local businesses and often call on members to recommend local businesses on our own and on our member’s posts – sadly we can’t allow every advert post through on Blackpool Community Chat. We get up to 80 pending adverts per day most days which are declined to make way for genuine community chat posts. For a while we have been operating a pre-approval system for a number of local businesses which has worked well and we are now expanding this network to include more business categories.

Over the past few years some incidents have lead us to review the way local companies advertise on our group. This has lead us to demand more from local businesses who want to use our group to find new clients.

Our local members must be confident that the local business we are promoting on our group are reputable – reliable and compliant with all relevant regulations and laws in their field. It’s for this reason that we only invite bona fide businesses who are willing to provide some evidence of qualification or compliance before being approved to advertise on our groups, pages and websites.

Invitation only

We are beginning to reach out to Local Businesses that we already know and trust – some of whom are coming online with their campaigns this month. We Might have someone in mind for your particular category – but there’s an outside chance we might need some more info about your business just in case.

The invitation to advertise comes coupled with the opportunity to establish rapport with group members via social media interaction on the group logged in as your business Facebook page. This coupled with a group expert badge can help to establish your page as a figure of local authority on your specialist field – and more.

Regular public interaction on your business social media profiles can quickly increase your follower numbers and provide new loyal fans following your positive interactions with their comments on our local group.

Our group posts share a total reach around half a million local newsfeeds each month. With 40,000 members and still growing – This group can offer the perfect platform for local relevant social media growth and sales opportunities. And if you’re invited you can cover your own category for the entire year.

For Consideration

If you think your business would meet our group’s high standards – please send us an email to explaining about your local business – what you do – where you operate and how you have developed into a compliant local company.
It’s helpful to think of this as an application cover letter – the more information you provide us with – the easier it will be for us to determine whether you meet the required standard our group sets.

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