Community Help Pages

Today we have spent some time creating a suite of help pages for locals to call upon. Some are published / work in progress – some need a little more work.

You might find the information helpful in certain situations or you may fin that you have a better solution that you could share with our group members.

If you would like to help shape any of these community help guides please inbox us at

We will be adding to these guides AND to the list of guides which you will be able to find in the navigation bars on our website as a list of links. If viewing on phone or tablet the list may be at the bottom of the page.

As always if you want to keep up to date with the community happenings on our group – please leave us your email address below and if we do suffer a facebook outage again in the future we will still be able to keep in touch with our local hub of information and any relevant local updates.

    So far we have compiled the following pages and plan to continue working on the list as the week goes on. Please feel free to get involved and share these page links on your social media if you find them helpful.

    Completed pages

    Tides/Weather/Lightning etc

    Emergency Dentist


    Local security and CCTV

    the to do list…

    Local Healthcare
    Emergency Housing
    Local official links
    Proper rubbish disposal
    Fly tipping
    Report a pothole
    Nuisance Neighbours

    If you would like to help us collate more and better lists – OR you would like to be included in one of our emergency contractor lists – please email us at

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